Friday, February 21, 2003

i would just like to formerly complain about the all of the slack we're taking from the government - if they're supposed to represent the people, then why does everyone i talk to have a deep-rooted hatred for most everything they say and do? the biggest problem is their selective adoption and over-commercialisation of drugs - they say they're totally against drugs, but without alcohol and cigarettes where exactly would they be? millions are made off of the misfortune of smokers and alcoholics, and instead of making treatment more available they raise prices so that, in the process of killing our livers and lungs, they're raking in tax dollars just so that people like manley can come along and overspend the surplus that should be going towards maybe paying off that looming national debt. i'm not quite sure if they really understand how national debt comes to be - by them overspending! and then, in amidst all of these wonderful so called 'offerings' (really just a nice way to say that they're spending OUR money) they put up safe injection sites at the same time abandoning a lot of the useful drug treatment facilities. correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't all of this sound a little redundant when you think about it?

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