Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The line between reality and obscurity


(Enter slightly more angry, gradually tanned freak - looking around, he begins to growl - an all-encompassing growl that shakes from the bowels of the earth and slowly matures to a edgy snarl)

Distinguishing reality is more widely expressed as a common function of the brain - however, after the brain become altered - and everyone's brain is altered at a young age - it begins to inherit qualities more typical of a skill or talent. Determining what and where reality is, at this point, is not a notion readily available.

The concept of "vacation time" puts another spin on the whole process. Just as when you were younger, someone alots you a portion of time whereby you can do pretty much whatever you want. Only this time, it's your boss, and the boundaries are more rigid. You find yourself falling into older mindsets during vacation, and it's much easier to notice wasted potential.

Now I could ramble on with endless rhetoric forever - but I rather point out the good, and the couple of flaws I've found between Canada and the states. Let's start with the good things.

OzzFest. Single-handedly the best concert I have ever seen. A huge stage bordered with 6/7-storey tall stacks of amplifiers (YEAH!!) and an extremely complex lighting arrangement sprawling across the roof. A small section of bleachers, followed by a grass field slightly larger than a football field. Wow. That was nothing, compared to the raw talent of the bands of the bill.

Rob Zombie. Mudvayne. Shadows Fall. Iron Maiden. Black Sabbath. Mastodon. Soilwork. Trivium. As I Lay Dying. Not to take anything away from the other bands, but these are the bands that brought the 20,000-some people at the show slightly closer to hell. And OzzFest was only the beginning of the road trip. Continuing on, hung out in Mountain View for a day, went onto Santa Cruz to try surfing for the first time (YEAH!!), went to the Fisherman's Wharf for a while - it was all a lot of fun, and I wish that I didn't have to come back for a while. Hence the term "vacation" is used again.

On another note, musically I seem to have taken a more profound approach to both the writing and the playing processes. For my own music, I still write songs based of a heavy mindset, but much different than the bludgeoning hardcore/thrash styles that I had previously adopted.

In terms of DUI, the project that takes most of my effort and focus, we seem to have evolved even further - not neccessarily in style, but in songwriting complexity and forward thought. Looking onwards, a full album will ensue soon, with songs even more amazing and thought-provoking than the five tracks from the Shell of Solitude EP.

The drunken, drug-induced misfit that I once was is observing me from through the grave - only this time, he will not possess me as such a demon will be.

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