Sunday, October 09, 2005

Replacement icon for Cygwin

OK, this is definitely for techies.

I use Cygwin on my Windows desktop to allow my to run all sorts of UNIX scripts. It's awesome.

Problem is, I don't really like the default icon that comes with it. A guy named August Mayer created a new one, but I always have to trouble finding it.

So here it is. Download and rename the file to cygwings.ico. You can also get it here.

Sorry to bore the rest of you!



Shane Davies said...

Do you have that icon available in SVG format? I want to run cygwin on windows xp on my vmware on my pear pc emulator on my debian install on my Xen Fedora Core box.

I preffer Cornflower Blue pls.

Brandner said...

Very funny.

Try this icon

GzOnE said...

Many thanks, googled for that and found your post!

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