Wednesday, October 11, 2006

CFTHREAD vs Event Gateways

Interesting... I was reading on a BlueDragon blog about CFTHREAD.
It allows you to get your CF script to spawn a new separate thread that runs separate from the thread your script is already on. It can wait for the other thread to finish (using CFJOIN), or can just go about it's merry way (asynchronous).

This blog post talks about how it is an effective way to emulate event handlers

Sample discussion and pseudo code.

It turns out that Adobe/Macr has also been working on it:
Dcooper Blog post about CFTHREAD proof of concept in CF 7

Adobe Engineer's post about CFTHREAD

I'm quite excited about this idea, especially since I've been a little slow to jump onto the Event Gateway bandwagon. This seems like a great way to accomplish event gateways (or similar) and more by simply coding in CF.

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