Monday, December 24, 2007

Geekdad blog and podcast

Calling all geeky dads... just stumbled across the Geekdad Blog on Wired. It's a great site. I've been listening to their podcasts, including the one with guest Wil Wheaton.

It's neat listening to a bunch of dads sitting around talking about how to deal with raising kids in a geek-friendly house. They talk about kids stealing their classic D&D dice, watching anime and Star Trek with little kids, and setting up classic 80s-style arcades in their houses.

One of the things they discussed in a recent podcast was this dad's photography, really neat: Dreams of Flying. Kids pose on the ground with household items, and the picture is taken from a ladder. It's really amazing and so simple.

Their discussion of You Let Our Kids Watch What? is great too... I can sympathize, since I can't help but let the kids watch some shows they really shouldn't (some would say).


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