Friday, June 13, 2008

Sitting with the family in the hospital

Sitting here at the hospital with a bunch of family, to some extent saying our goodbyes. In any case, giving the family hugs.

My uncle Gary is an amazing guy. If anyone can beat this crazy cancer, he would be the guy. Unfortunately, since it's liver cancer that has spread a lot, it's a tough go.

I have several uncles and family men in my life that are simply amazing. Funny enough, they are amazing in completely different ways. The end result is that as a group, they compliment each other very well.

My uncle Gary has all the good traits of a fireman and biker. I have met few people in my life with more integrity than him. He's a crazy hard and physical worker. I was talking to the sister and discussing how he stood alongside his family no matter what. Quite a role model as a man and a husband. Seeing the way he treats my sister (his niece), is also so amazing. He really respects women and loves family.

As a guy marrying into my mom's family, it looks as if he became over time the perfect brother-in-law. All the guys in that generation are incredibly close. Seeing them go through all this is heart breaking, but at the same time touching.

Best of luck uncle. We're doing everything we can to help and comfort your family. May you be blessed to come out of this in the best possible way. I'm thinking and praying for you and our family.


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Kit said...

Well said, brother. He will be missed.