Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My question posted to ParentHack!

A question I mailed in just got posted to one of my favourite sites - ParentHack.com.
I was searching through older articles looking for tips on helping kids build organizational skills. Our 7-year old son is quite bright and active, but has extremely poor organization skills. Partially the way a 7-year old boy is wired, I'm sure, but it'd be nice to work on strengthening him in this area. We're hoping to come up with some ways to get him to focus on single tasks and maybe organize his own schedule a bit, as per this hack. We may tweak it a bit to be more task-oriented, but it's a great hack.
I'm looking forward to the comments. We've been wondering more and more about how routines and schedules can help, but it sometimes feels so artificial.

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