Friday, October 04, 2013

Team CF Advance

I recently threw my hat in the ring along with 60 other ColdFusion developers to be part of a "Team CF Advance". Initiated by Denard Springle, we hope to further Open Source ColdFusion/CFML projects.

The CFML language, which runs on Adobe's ColdFusion Server ( as well as Railo and Open BlueDragon), is suffering a bit. I think the community doesn't feel strong these days, and many fingers seem to be pointed at Adobe for lack of marketing. Years ago, ColdFusion felt groundbreaking - now, there are many alternatives to help developers get applications up and running quickly, and many are Open Source.

I'm looking forward to some great discussions, ideas, and I hope to contribute time and code to the cause. Regardless of its place in the market, CFML is a great language, is versatile, and is incredibly easy to learn.

For more information, head to Denard's blog post about Team CF Advance

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