Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Making JS functions work like CF functions

Stumbled across a site that had some JavaScript functions that mimic some of ColdFusion's powerful string functions.

As ColdFusion developers, we are used to having function like Left(), Right(), UCase(), LCase and Trim() at our disposal. They are particularily handy for validation routines. Javascript does have support for some of these functions, but their syntax is not as straight forward.

Fixing Javascript To Match ColdFusion's String Functions

Cool, thanks! Now I have to look for similar things for ColdFusion's list functions. I use those all the time.



Anonymous said...

Look who went all Hell's Angels!

Three guesses who this is.

Anonymous said...

Never mind, that's not you.

Guess anyway.

Brandner said...

What? Don't you have to give me a hint of some sort?

Anonymous said...

1st hint (not too easy):

I was at your wedding.

Brandner said...

Nice. That narrows it down to a hundred people. Let me guess... Steve or Gregg? Come on now... contact me... I hate guessing.

Anonymous said...

Hint 2: I am not diabetic.

You have mail.

Brandner said...

Nice. Where'd you e-mail? Try my last name at gmail dot com.