Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Questions for new hires

Posted questions from Jimbo for new hires. Pretty funny.

1) Do you drink?

2) Do you know more than 10 cute single girls aged less than 30?

3) Do you live in Surrey?

4) Should developers have super-user access to the database?

5) What is better Google or Microsoft?

6) Canucks or Oilers?

7) Do you have allegiance to her majesty queen Elizabeth the second?

8) Is crashing the database at 3pm on a Friday:

  1. A sack able offense

  2. Bad form

  3. Funny

9) Should women be allowed to work in IT?

10) Is commenting your code a great method to vent frustration on personal problems, co-worker peeves, manager mistakes and make amusing references to dragons and snakes?

***Please note your answers will be recorded in our database MERELY for statistical purposes, we assure you they will not be read, studied or laughed at and will definately not have any significant impact on your employability.

1 comment:

Kit said...

1) Heavily

2) Yes... but none that will talk to me anymore...

3) Yes (Woohoo, surrey WHAT!)

4) Absolutely! Is there anything HIGHER than super-user access for developers?

5) Uh... Google

6) BC Lions

7) Who?

8) Fun!

9) Only for aesthetic value...

10) It's also a great way to make slanderous comments about your coworkers!

So, do I get the job?