Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Why the Opposition to Technology?

As always, a great article from the Mises Institute - Why the opposition to technology on the right?. Discusses the history behind some of the conservative opposition to technology, pointing to writings by Christopher Dawson.

From Jeffrey Tucker on the Mises blog:

From his first published work Progress and Religion (1929), to the lectures given during the twilight of his career in America, he was emphatic in the judgment that the chief enemy of culture is not liberalism or the other secular religions of progress, but technology...

A feature of Jesus's life that is particularly compelling is that he never reminisced of the glories of the days gone by. He didn't express regret that he was born in 1A.D. instead of 300B.C.. He never drew attention to an economic advance of his time and said: this tool has corrupted us! No, he took it as a given that he was born in his time for a reason.

Absolutely, well put.


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