Thursday, November 20, 2008

Adobe Max - San Fran - Day Four

Wow, a jam packed last day, made a bit crazier by the fact that we really had to rush away to get to the airport. It seemed that everyone needed to recover a bit from last night's party.

Right of the bat, today a couple CF gurus made our lives much happier - Mr Delmore and Mr Camden. Ray put on a fantastic and fun session about the Ajax tools within CF 8 and Jason "Slackware" Delmore spent 20 minutes just with Jay and I geeking out and trying not to tell us anything about Centaur. Thanks for reaffirming our faith in the CF community guys, you guys are great!

Rumour has it (not from Jason, that guy is TIGHT lipped!) that there will be some nice caching improvements to CF 9 (something like ehCache's in-JVM caching system??). After some of the sessions and discussions, I think there will be some major Ajax improvements and possibly some new ways to tie into event-driven programming. They are definitely pushing object-based programming. The new Bolt IDE sounds promising, and Jason made sure we understood the rationale behind a commercial CF-centered IDE. I'm also impressed with the way they are using Apache Derby now, great product!

To start the day we had a nice quick breakfast and some extra time to meet some other attendees. We headed over to Ray's "ColdFusion Powered Ajax" session which was fun and informative. It was neat seeing the UI elements and getting opinions from a CF developer we trust. The QueryConvertForGrid() function surprised us and the CFAjaxProxy is obviously quite powerful.

I hit the "Uber Panel" in the Unconference area, and listened to some discussion about the new IDE, and raced over to a session on CF Caching Strategies by my new hero Rob Brooks-Bilson. Great session, and exactly the way I would have wanted it to be. I loved hearing the real-life applications along with some good definitions of the terminologies used in caching. Both third-party tools memcache and ehCache sound really great. I'll definitely have to check out

Jay and I grabbed some lunch and headed done to the pavillion for some swag, sitting with a couple of Adobe LifeCycle guys from Ottawa - go Sens!

Mr Corfield put on a great session on Event Driven ColdFusion that was a bit hard to follow (why would we want to do this again?), but it was obviously designed for CF developers that were finding the Flex and ActionScript programming models compelling. There were some great tips to follow up on.

We dove into a session about Cocomo - Flex is really gaining some wonderful ground, and seeing it in action connecting to Cocomo in the cloud - wow!

We raced to the hotel, took a quick taxi ride to the airport, waited for the plane, and got home in record time. Bags of swag and duty-free booze for the boss, and now it's time for bed.

Thanks Adobe, the conference was amazing!

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