Sunday, November 23, 2008

Google GrandCentral shrinking/running out?

I've been in awe of the concept of GrandCentral, which was acquired by Google in July 2007. The concept of having one phone number, and being to control the routing and functionality of that number via the web is amazing. There are many services like it, but none that appear to have even close to all the functionality at the low/free pricepoint.

However, as a Canadian, it's been frustrating waiting for a phone number - the site currently supports the US only. I've been waiting for years.

So I set up a ChangeDetection account to watch the list of GrandCentral phone numbers to see if new phone numbers are getting added. What I've noticed is that the list of numbers is shrinking by a few every week.

Is the system running out of phone numbers? Are they closing the service in certain area codes? They haven't added any new area codes for the entire length of time I've been watching - since mid-October.

GrandCentral, when will you add more numbers? When will you add Canadian numbers? Please?

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