Wednesday, October 03, 2018

CFSummit 2018 - Day 2

Not feeling well today, but managed to drag myself to the conference sessions.

It was a pretty positive day of speakers. I started with the API Manager session with Brian Sappey. It was over my head since I’m new to the API Manager, but it was nice to hear so much about how it works behind the scenes and how all the functionality is available via APIs.

Next I headed to hear Minh Vo’s spirited ReactJS session. He is a first time presenter, but he did great - he showed us a React-based game he had created, spent 15 minutes on some React basics, and then dove in. There was only a bit of ColdFusion (REST calls and websocket broadcasting) but it was perfect. Great job Minh!

I was a bit sad to miss the CommandBox session, but I eagerly grabbed Brad Wood’s slides to review later. This guy’s amazing.

I headed to the session about using Amazon Web Services in ColdFusion by Keen Haynes. He seemed very nervous, but he did a great job of giving real world examples. I would have liked a bit more background about how Jenkins and Chef were configured.

The Modern CFML session - Closures and Loops Oh My - by Dan Fredericks wasn't quite as deep as I expected, but it was still nice to get a clear explanation of closures and how to use them.

The conference sessions ended for me listening to Andrew, Tim and Bryce talk about how they have grown their ColdFusion applications for DonorDrive into a large Enterprise suite and how they work as a development team. The crowd seemed a bit quiet for this one, but I thought it was great. I know we are trying to look at strategies to take our team and applications to the next level. As I said with the other sessions, I love the "real world" examples and tips, and I took a fair amount from this one.

Great conference Adobe! Thanks to the organizers and speakers! Viva Las Vegas.

Mirage Volcano Burst image - Oct 3 - Brandner


Unknown said...

Thanks Tony!! I wish I had a little bit more time to explain stuff but I’m sooooo glad you made it out :) Hope at least it wasn’t a waste of your hour block—

Unknown said...

Weird, not sure why my comment came out anonymous :C -Minh