Monday, July 04, 2005

Another chapter comes to an end, and music flourishes

After years of aiming towards a THRASH or some other form of token death metal project, I've recently found that the line between music and noise is much more well-defined than I once thought. The newest project - in the works for about 4/5 years now - is nothing at all what I thought would become of my musical persona and expectations. With the bass, it seems that my strengths are accented - jazzy, funky bass lines mixed with psychadelic guitar riffs and a blend of vocular arrangements that, altogether, construct a discliplined and innovative sound.

The project is simply titled "DUI", but the meaning and depth behind the concept is more along the lines of "Disestablishmentarianism for the Underprivelaged and the Isolated" - hence "DUI". The fact that both of us are alcoholics is purely coincidental. Coming straight from the forest, half-cut and sanity lost, we've (the band, as it currently stands is only myself on bass and vocals, and j.c. on vocals and guitar) matured and evolved so quickly and so perfectly that the end result is nothing short of amazing. This, of course, comes with so many other major life changes. With hair on my head for the first time in years, my license returned after waiting for 4 years, and an oppurtunity to make things right finally, this may prove to be the most productive year musically, creatively, mentally and just otherwise beneficial.

We fully plan to record and master some of our better songs, without any drum tracks at this point, and posting some of the material on the net somewhere (possibly even here).

On a closing note, I would just like to say cheers to all the people that still remain in my twisted realm of existence and my monolithic scope of reality - I appreciate you and anyone else that has endured and/or continues to endure my relentless pursuit of newfound ideals and dreams. I have finally become everything that I ever wanted to be, and the foundation continues to grow.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool Kit. Can't wait to get a sample. I could give you access to upload to our server if you want.

Once it goes even further, be sure to create a blog just for the band. That would be cool.