Monday, July 18, 2005

First mix of the "Shell of Solitude" EP


(Last week's mix tape is seen flying out the window, with an eerie bass sound resonating in the background)

(Two deranged alchoholics come forth from the darkened cave with bloodshot eyes, bleeding fingers and bloated egos)

After another full weekend of no sleep or food, lots of beer, and music, we've come through the weekend with a 5-song EP. This, of course, is only our first mix, but it turned out surprisingly well. The MP3s are available at You may or may not need a username/password, so if you do send me an email request at I look forward to hearing any constructive criticism, good or bad, that anyone has (after listening to the music, of course).

In a shell of solitude, thoughtless and unprovoked, one can achieve perfect unison between music and emotion, whereby a truism through music is derived.

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