Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Weekend Recording Sessions


(The theme music from JAWS playing quietly in the background, gradually getting louder in anticipation of a bludgeoning force lurking in the shadows)

(Enter dark, ghoulish figure with bald, scaled head and excessive amounts of hair pertruding from it's chin)

The recording sessions took all weekend, with one simple goal in mind: we were going to have our five most solid tracks recorded, mastered, and burnt to a CD by the end of Sunday. So we started on Friday after work, and went all weekend until about 5:30 on Monday morning. We didn't quite reach the goal of having a CD burnt, but we did manage to engineer drum beats, come up with some real track titles and record all five songs by the end of it all.

All being well, look for some actual music availble by next week. All that's left now is mixing, equalizing, any additional mastering and then burning it all onto a CD. It's taken 5 years to get to this point, and if the natural evolution of the music is fabricated in any way all this work is almost pointless, so it seems we'll be playing the waiting game again.

A road less travelled is a road with fewer limitations, and it makes it easier for you to drive with your head in the clouds.

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