Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jro Trip Log - Polar Bears and Monkey Butlers

Another small update.

Well, we'll be on our way home soon. We didn't have much time to send you updates. The time in the resort area was great, but the last day of the jungle was a bit frustrating. So I have to say I'm a bit angry. We spent four hours that day trying to find a monkey butler for Ryan.

Saw a bunch more scary birds and a polar bear. That was a bit odd.

Finally after one our hikes we came across a little metal hatch with the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, & 42 written on it. Inside was a nice little cabana where we sipped drinks and spent our last day in the jungle with a guy named Ben.

Ryan's glad we didn't travel to Congo.

So the resort has been nice and relaxing. The people here are amazingly nice; I feel like royalty. Can't wait to get home and show off my large slideshow to everyone that will listen.

Hey, e-mail me back quick.. can one of you guys arrange for a ride from the airport? We're on an Oceanic flight, 815 I think. We'll be getting in at 4:23 or so, depending on delays.





DHARMA Initiative said...

Awesome post jro, you rock, keep writing those blogs and posting them up the chute.

jay said...


Were you lost or something?

Michael said...

Has anyone seen Walt?