Friday, April 18, 2008

Js Trip Log - Day One

Hey all. Jro is sending me constant updates on her trip, so I thought I'd post them here. Hope you're having a great trip sister!

Hey. We arrived last night in Seattle, and got to the airport quickly. I did my hair at the terminal, but by the time we boarded the plane it was frizzy and screwed up.

So we sat down prepped for the long flight, video ipod in hand. The lady won't give us extra peanuts, and there are a bunch of stupid old magazines to read. Rro won't even fork over for a soda, so all we have is little bottles of booze. Now he's half-drunk and belligerent - I thought that was my job.

Did you hear about that squirrel that went crazy on that US flight? Man, if that was me I would never fly again. Crazy squirrels.

Anyways, excited, we'll be there soon. Sixteen hours soon.

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